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Beeswax Small Pinecone Candle

Beeswax Small Pinecone Candle

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This beeswax pinecone candle is made from 100% pure beeswax that is locally sourced and purified here at Newfound Hill Farm. When beeswax candles burn they emit negative ions which means that they clean and purify the air as they burn. We leave our beeswax with their natural subtle scent to maintain a 100% purity of the wax allowing them to burn cleanly and stay environmentally friendly. We do not add any artificial fragrance to our candles.

Estimated Burn Time: Approx. 5-6 Hours
Dimensions: 2.25" wide at base x 3" tall

Estimated Burn Time: Approx. 20 Hours

The listing is for a single candle.

The color and natural scent of beeswax is slightly differently based on the different variations of plants an pollen that the bees visit during the year. As a result, it is normal to see slight differences in wax coloring between candles.

Please allow for slight variation in dimensions as the beeswax will shrink slightly as it cools.