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I used to have #allthecleaners on our family farm and bleach was our farm #1 go to... I hate bleach! It burns my skin, hurts my lungs, makes me feel like crap for days after and the smell...

Then I discovered Young Living Thieves Cleaner! My #ForAllTheThings!

OH my goodness, friends! This stuff is the real McCoy. It’s so pure I am never worried about breathing it in. (no headaches, no cracked hands, no burning lungs!).It works amazingly! Even on soap scum, granite counter tops, glass and icy windshields!!! It's Non-Toxic! I can use it around all my animals, on my horse water buckets and I don't have to worry about anyone getting sick anymore! Now not to brag (Totally bragging) But... I have been using Thieves Cleaning since the end of 2019 and I haven't been SICK... Since November 2019... Yup, y'all heard me right..

Not only can you use it on everything! It’s really inexpensive, less than $1.50 per bottle once you mix from the concentrate. No more buying tons of different cleaners! Thieves is my all-in-one cleaner!

A sister product to Thieves household cleaner is Thieves Dish Soap… same concept as the cleaner: pure, effective and easy!

So recently, after we used a cast iron skillet (it was one of those times it was REALLY BAD) I filled it with Thieves Dish Soap and got to work. The results? You guys!! Amazing!! I literally filled the skillet with warm water, poured in some Thieves Dish Soap, scrubbed with a wire scrubber for a total of 90 seconds… and it was completely clean! It was incredibly easy and amazing.

Everyone needs a chemical free home! I’m super thankful that Young Living makes it so easy for us!

Want to learn all about Thieves Cleaner!? How to use, how much it costs, how to mix ratios, the history of the mix, and more!

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- Happy Farming! Amelia :)